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    #Inside Museum is an innovative tool that allows to give a better multimedia support to the visitors.

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    The visitors, through their own smartphones, can have access to additional information concerning the exhibited works.

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    #InsideMuseum for an interactive, multimedia and shared museum.

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    #InsideMuseum is perfectly suitable, with QR code and NFC functions, for Ancient Villas, Archaeological Sites, Diffused Museums, Castles, Mansions, Natural Parks and Reserves, Enterprise Museums and Scientific and Technological Parks.

What is #IM



#InsideMuseum is a web-base platform that will make your Museum interactive, multimedia and shared. #InsideMuseum can work side by side or replace standard audio-guides and can supply further information in addition to the ones displayed in the description tag of each work. #InsideMuseum is an easy, convenient and remarkable tool, but above all it is a new way of making art and culture without the typical limits of paper or audio guides.

The Team








Experts in the

field of museums


Updatable contents

With #InsideMuseum contents are easily updatable, adding or changing information whenever needed as for example with new exhibited works.

#InsideMuseum can also be customised with the "Share" function for the main social networks. This grants more visibility to the Museum and to the single exhibitions/archaeological sites.

QR Code

#InsideMuseum can also be customised with QR codes, to be displayed near the works' titles or to allow the visitors to enter the whole catalogue of the exhibited works.

Conceived for being user-friendly, it can be set up with 5 different languages and it is very appreciated also by the youngest visitors, who are very attracted and predisposed for the use of technology.


#InsideMuseum is an innovative tool that permits to offer to the visitors a better multimedia support, it can be set with customised layouts and can be integrated with the sponsors' logos.

#InsideMuseum grants potential income increase thanks to the tablets' rental.



Tablets' rental for 3 years

Tablets and server's rental for temporary exhibitions

Contents' data entry, management and updating

Creation of audio and video supports on demand


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